Fin de actividades por mantenimiento

Por el momento voy a parar la actividad de este blog por unos cambios que voy a hacer en el grupo de trabajo del DotNetClub de la UCM.

El motivo es que el grupo se va a separar del DotNetClub de la Complutense y pasará a ser un grupo totalmente independiente. Dedicado tanto a estudiantes como a profesionales.

Es algo que se ha acordado por todos los que forman el grupo ya que todos hemos terminado la carrera y no tiene sentido seguir en una asociacion de estudiantes. Aunque sea de los mejores... :)

Lamento las molestias y espero que lo comprendais.


Juegos para Windows Phone (25): Doodle Fit

Doodle Fit

WP7 game description:
Your task is simple: fit the given set of blocks into given shapes. Drag the blocks inside and outside in search for the layout that covers the whole shape. A level is complete when all blocks have been used and there's no more free space in the shape.

0,99 $.


Juegos para Windows Phone (24): Stone Builder

Stone Builder

WP7 game description:
Become an ancient stone builder and construct transcendental structures that riddles modern archeologists. Think like an architect and act like an engineer to solve mind bending puzzles that challenged ancient stone builders.



Juegos para Windows Phone (23): QB Football

QB Football

WP7 game description:
QB Football Free is a pro football strategy game that pits you against the computer. You play both offense and defense. NFL league statistics serve as the foundation for game play.

On offense you choose running, passing and kicking plays. Running plays include off tackle, sweeps, draws and plunges. Passing plays enable you to throw short, medium and long passes, as well as screens.

On defense you can key on running plays, use man-to-man pass defense, or blitz the passer using a zone defense.

Kickoffs, punts, fumbles, interceptions, quarterback sacks, field goals, extra points, 2-point conversions and penalties: they're all in the game.

Both you and your computer opponent are on equal footing. Neither has a statistical advantage. Can you beat your robot computer opponent? Strategy is what matters!

Juegos para Windows Phone (22): Monkey Madness

Monkey Madness

WP7 game description:
Do you have spatial awareness and fast reactions? Plan forward and help your monkey to pass dangerous parcours. Collect useful bonus items, jump and run and find the way through different landscapes. But be aware of evil monsters chasing you. Challange the online ladder, receive awards and make use of the accelerometer sensor.


Juegos para Windows Phone (21): Geogonix


WP7 game description:
Geogonix is a brain teaser at heart. Geogonix includes four puzzle packs, each with 24 puzzles of increasing difficulty. Each of the timed levels challenge you to place the provided pieces into the shape on screen as fast as you can. Some levels are easy, others only seem that way. With some puzzles having multiple solutions, you are free to find your own solution.

Geogonix includes 4 puzzle packs, and 96 challenging levels to complete, with unique music, created just for Geogonix by DJALI7E, you're sure to love this great little puzzler.

Juegos para Windows Phone (20): Coin Addition

Coin Addition

WP7 game description:
A physics game designed to be simple yet super addictive: the objective is to flick a coin so that it passes between the other two, then repeat with a different coin until you make a mistake. Use the walls to bounce your coin to solve difficult situations.

Very easy to pick up, but don't let the simplicity of the game fool you! To get a high spot on the Leaderboards you will need skill, strategy and - in the popular TimeChallenge mode - fast reactions.

Three game modes:

- Classic: score by passing your coin between the other two. Your score will reset if you miss, so the only way to get a high score is to plan your next move ahead.

- Collision: harder than Classic, you must hit walls and other coins with your coin before passing it between the other two. You get one point for each collision. You need to master wall bounces in order to get a good score here!

- Time Challenge: you have 60 seconds - how much points can you collect? Your score will not reset if you miss, but you can rack up a score multiplier if you don't. You must be both fast and accurate for this game, and being able to flick the coins while they are still moving is a must if you want the top spot on the Leaderboard.

Juegos para Windows Phone (19): TapSplosion


WP7 game description:
TapSplosion is the game that the Windows Phone 7 platform has been waiting for! With fast, frantic and addictive gameplay you just have to try it for yourself.

In TapSplosion, you tilt your phone to control the player and tap the screen to place explosions in that position. You have to battle an oncoming enemy hoard which is constantly increasing in size and complexity and always tracking you down. If one of these enemies touches you, you will explode and it's game over for you! You get points based on combo kills, time alive and number of enemies on the screen and you can submit your score to global leaderboards and compete with other players from around the world!

Juegos para Windows Phone (18): Saveman


WP7 game description:
Saveman is a fun and addictive word game where you find words in the English dictionary from a random set of letters.
You race against time as you help save Sam from impending disaster with each of your finds.
There are 4 levels that get progressively more difficult and a final bonus round.
Enjoy colorful graphics and exciting effects and sounds, and a huge dictionary of 40,000 words. Compete with others around the world as your highscore is saved in the cloud.


Video: Must Have Game trailer

Artículo: Más desarrolladores con la actualización Mango

En este artículo en el blog de Stubborndev aparece la lista de los siete nuevos países cuyos desarrolladores podrán crear aplicaciones para Windows Phone 7.

Acceder al artículo "New countries supported by Mango Windows Phone update".

Otro artículo sobre las novedades que traerá Mango

En la web de Gizmovil he encontrado otro artículo que cuenta las novedades que traerá la próxima actualización de las Visual Studio for Windows Phone.

La nueva versión de las herramientas de desarrollo de aplicaciones para WP7 saldrá en Mayo y en ese artículo os comentan las más importantes.

Acceder al artículo "Windows Phone y sus novedades para Mango, los desarrolladores estarán felices".

WP7 básico (25): Uso de servicios web externos

En este nuevo artículo aprenderéis todo sobre cómo conectar vuestras aplicaciones Windows Phone 7 a servicios web externos (SOAP y REST).

Acceder al artículo "Uso de servicios web externos".


Artículo: How to convert an Image into a Button Control in Windows Phone 7

He encontrado este artículo en la web de MicrosoftFeed en el que nos enseñan (utilizando Expression Blend) a utilizar un control Image como un control Button en nuestras aplicaciones Windows Phone 7.

Muy interesante.

Acceder al artículo "How to convert an Image into a Button Control in Windows Phone 7".

Artículo: Be what’s next with “Mango” Developer Tools and platform

He encontrado en el blog del equipo de desarrollo de Windows Phone 7 este artículo en el que nos cuentan todas las cosas nuevas que traerá la próxima versión de las herramientas de desarrollo de Windows Phone 7 (cuya próxima actualización saldrá en Mayo).

Próximas mejoras:

- Multitasking.

- Mejoras en la integración con el teléfono (se han mejorado los Live Tiles, extras and push notifications).

- Acceso a la librería de los Motion Sensors y a la cámara.

- Nuevo emulador para pruebas.

- Soporte para Silverlight y XNA en el mismo proyecto.

- Almacenamiento estructurado que permita acceder a bases de datos SQL.

- Acceder al calendario y a los contactos a través de las aplicaciones.

Acceder al artículo "Be what’s next with “Mango” Developer Tools and platform".

Tutorial: búsqueda de contenidos en Windows Phone 7

He encontrado este tutorial en la página de ayuda de Windows Phone 7. En él cuentan cómo buscar contenidos en el teléfono Windows Phone 7 utilizando el famoso botón Search.

Os recomiendo echarle un vistazo.

Acceder al tutorial "búsqueda de contenidos en Windows Phone 7".

WP7 básico (24): Uso de los controles Panorama y Pivot

Seguimos con otro artículo de esta colección dedicada a las personas que quieren iniciarse desde cero a hacer aplicaciones para Windows Phone 7.

En el artículo de hoy conoceremos los controles Panorama y Pivot los cuales os servirán para mejorar la calidad de vuestras aplicaciones para Windows Phone 7.

Acceder al artículo "Uso de los controles Panorama y Pivot".