Juegos para Windows Phone (11): Text Zedventure

Text Zedventure

WP7 game description:
In this text-only adventure, you must escape a city ravaged by a mysterious infection. Explore a deserted residence, train station and shopping mall in three unique chapters with multiple endings.

Here is what the press had to say about the Xbox 360 version:

"Matthew Reynolds' moody little masterpiece is surprisingly pacy for a text game... This is far more gripping than it should be." Official Xbox Magazine UK

"Short but enviably sharp, with a streamlined interface and evocative visual design... It's a relic, certainly, but a charming and very literate one." Edge Magazine

"There's a solid understanding of what makes adventure games work here - the story fills out pleasingly as you follow the breadcrumb trail of options, and the simple presentation fits extremely well with the grisly story - playing through the game is a surprisingly tense experience." The Guardian

"Yet despite its simplistic, bare-bones nature, Text Zedventure creates the kind of tension and atmosphere that most games fail miserably to conjure up..." Gamesradar.com

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