Juegos para Windows Phone (13): Neon Raider

Neon Raider

WP7 game description:
An intense neon shooter is now available at your fingertips! Navigate through a visually brilliant, glowing arena to destroy endless waves of over 8 enemy types. Earn upgrades and change your ship's look to what you please. Neon Raider includes unlockable awards, saved game stats, 4 ship types, 4 game modes (Classic, Survival, Insane and the new LEGENDARY).

-Classic: You have 3 lives and 3 bombs, try to survive as long as possible while the waves become harder and harder.

-Survival: You have 1 life and no guns. Difficult, eh? To kill the enemy you must collide with mines to create chain explosions.

-Insane: It is what it says it is...insane...

-Legendary: use your electric tail to destroy enemies in your path, same rules as classic but with no guns.

--Trial Mode is limited in gameplay (Your ship will soon malfunction) and you cannot access scores, awards or the survival and insane gameplay modes.

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