Juegos para Windows Phone (20): Coin Addition

Coin Addition

WP7 game description:
A physics game designed to be simple yet super addictive: the objective is to flick a coin so that it passes between the other two, then repeat with a different coin until you make a mistake. Use the walls to bounce your coin to solve difficult situations.

Very easy to pick up, but don't let the simplicity of the game fool you! To get a high spot on the Leaderboards you will need skill, strategy and - in the popular TimeChallenge mode - fast reactions.

Three game modes:

- Classic: score by passing your coin between the other two. Your score will reset if you miss, so the only way to get a high score is to plan your next move ahead.

- Collision: harder than Classic, you must hit walls and other coins with your coin before passing it between the other two. You get one point for each collision. You need to master wall bounces in order to get a good score here!

- Time Challenge: you have 60 seconds - how much points can you collect? Your score will not reset if you miss, but you can rack up a score multiplier if you don't. You must be both fast and accurate for this game, and being able to flick the coins while they are still moving is a must if you want the top spot on the Leaderboard.

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