Juegos para Windows Phone (23): QB Football

QB Football

WP7 game description:
QB Football Free is a pro football strategy game that pits you against the computer. You play both offense and defense. NFL league statistics serve as the foundation for game play.

On offense you choose running, passing and kicking plays. Running plays include off tackle, sweeps, draws and plunges. Passing plays enable you to throw short, medium and long passes, as well as screens.

On defense you can key on running plays, use man-to-man pass defense, or blitz the passer using a zone defense.

Kickoffs, punts, fumbles, interceptions, quarterback sacks, field goals, extra points, 2-point conversions and penalties: they're all in the game.

Both you and your computer opponent are on equal footing. Neither has a statistical advantage. Can you beat your robot computer opponent? Strategy is what matters!

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